Basis of Bearings

The purpose of the Basis of Bearing document is to provide guidance and sample language for preparing a statement to document the basis of the bearings and, as an option, the use of coordinates, on a record of survey or subdivision map submitted for filing. The use of CCS stations to establish the orientation and location of these surveys requires specific documentation, to be in compliance with the aforementioned sections of the PRC.

Additional Resources

Datum Epochs, And How to Understand Them

In February 2018, the CSRC published a new geodetic datum for California called “CSRS Epoch 2017.50 (NAD83)” under a Caltrans contract to SIO/SOPAC. The new epoch-date coordinates have been embedded in the RTCM 3.0 data streams since March 1, 2018.

June 16: The CSRC 2017.50 map is now accessible via QR code. Use the QR code below. (If needed, instructions are available here.)

Download the CSRC Master Plan as a pdf.