Displacement Time Series

Example of detrended, combined and filtered NEU displacement time series in our new MGViz interface
  • The time series & associated metadata can be viewed at our new interactive tool MGViz
  • File headers contain estimated time series model parameters and uncertainties
  • All time series except "Raw" have outliers & jumps (non-coseismic offsets) removed
  • All the time series retain the coseismic offsets (values recorded in file headers)
  • YYYYMMDD indicates the date that the tar file was created
  • For Global time series substitute "Global" for "WNAM"
  • Global time series are not PCA-filtered
  • The combined time series are derived from a weighted mean of the JPL and SIO time series ("comb")
  • The file headers in the “Raw_M” time series are included for documentation purposes – the data have not gone through a time series analysis but have used information (location of offsets and outliers) from the modeled cleaned time series

Estimated coseismic displacements

List of earthquakes that have affected our time series

List of omitted data from processed displacement time series

NEU & XYZ station time series tar files (username: anonymous; password: your e-mail address):

Western North America (WNAM)

Problematic stations in WNAM time series


NEU combination time series (individual compressed files)

       Clean Trend - modeled time series corrected for outliers & non-coseismic offsets (artifacts)

       Filtered Trend - Principal Component Analysis (PCA); WNAM stations only

       Raw_M Trend - raw data corrected for outliers & non-coseismic offsets (artifacts, jumps)



(1) NEU raw time series


Combined JPL & SIO: WNAM_Raw_TrendNeuTimeSeries_comb_YYYYMMDD.tar

JPL: WNAM_Raw_TrendNeuTimeSeries_jpl_YYYYMMDD.tar

SIO: WNAM_Raw_TrendNeuTimeSeries_sopac_YYYYMMDD.tar

(2) NEU raw-modified (Raw_M) time series


Combined JPL & SIO: WNAM_Raw_M_TrendNeuTimeSeries_comb_YYYYMMDD.tar

JPL: WNAM_Raw_M_TrendNeuTimeSeries_jpl_YYYYMMDD.tar

SIO: WNAM_Raw_M_TrendNeuTimeSeries_sopac_YYYYMMDD.tar


Combined JPL & SIO: WNAM_Raw_M_DetrendNeuTimeSeries_comb_YYYYMMDD.tar

JPL: WNAM_Raw_M_DetrendNeuTimeSeries_jpl_YYYYMMDD.tar

SIO: WNAM_Raw_M_DetrendNeuTimeSeries_sopac_YYYYMMDD.tar

(3) NEU modeled time series (unfiltered)


Combined JPL & SIO: WNAM_Clean_TrendNeuTimeSeries_comb_YYYYMMDD.tar

JPL: WNAM_Clean_TrendNeuTimeSeries_jpl_YYYYMMDD.tar

SIO:  WNAM_Clean _TrendNeuTimeSeries_sopac_20200330.tar


Combined JPL & SIO: WNAM_Clean_DetrendNeuTimeSeries_comb_YYYYMMDD.tar

JPL: WNAM_Clean_DetrendNeuTimeSeries_jpl_YYYYMMDD.tar

SIO:  WNAM_Clean _DetrendNeuTimeSeries_sopac_YYYYMMDD.tar

(4) NEU residual displacements (unfiltered)

Combined JPL & SIO: WNAM_Clean_ResidNeuTimeSeries_comb_YYYYMMDD.tar

JPL: WNAM_Clean_ResidNeuTimeSeries_jpl_YYYYMMDD.tar

SIO:  WNAM_Clean _ResidNeuTimeSeries_sopac_YYYYMMDD.tar

(5) PCA-filtered displacements for Western North America stations


Combined JPL & SIO: WNAM_Filter_TrendNeuTimeSeries_comb_YYYYMMDD.tar

JPL: WNAM_Filter_TrendNeuTimeSeries_jpl_YYYYMMDD.tar

SIO: WNAM_Filter_TrendNeuTimeSeries_sopac_YYYYMMDD.tar


Combined JPL & SIO: WNAM_Filter_DetrendNeuTimeSeries_comb_YYYYMMDD.tar

JPL: WNAM_Filter_DetrendNeuTimeSeries_jpl_YYYYMMDD.tar

SIO: WNAM_Filter_DetrendNeuTimeSeries_sopac_YYYYMMDD.tar

(6) NEU residual displacements (filtered)

Combined JPL & SIO: WNAM_Filter_ResidNeuTimeSeries_comb_YYYYMMDD.tar

JPL: WNAM_Filter_ResidNeuTimeSeries_jpl_YYYYMMDD.tar

SIO:  WNAM_Filter _ResidNeuTimeSeries_sopac_YYYYMMDD.tar

(7) ITRF2014 XYZ displacements

Raw time series - jumps uncorrected

Combined JPL & SIO: WNAM_RawJumps_TrendXYZTimeSeries_comb_YYYYMMDD.tar

JPL: WNAM_RawJumps_TrendXYZTimeSeries_jpl_YYYYMMDD.tar

SIO:  WNAM_RawJumps _TrendXYZTimeSeries_sopac_YYYYMMDD.tar

Raw time series - jumps corrected

Combined JPL & SIO: WNAM_M_Raw_TrendXYZTimeSeries_comb_YYYYMMDD.tar

JPL: WNAM_Raw_M_TrendXYZTimeSeries_jpl_YYYYMMDD.tar

SIO:  WNAM_Raw _M_TrendXYZTimeSeries_sopac_YYYYMMDD.tar


Examples of Displacement Time Series

Examples of daily North, East, Up displacement time series exhibiting tectonic and non-tectonic phenomena. A) Long Valley Caldera in three equi-angle directions; B) Central Valley; C) Southern California (the 2010 Mw7.2 El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake is denoted by the dashed blue vertical line). The Long Valley Caldera components have been detrended by the long-term velocity; other time series are shown trended. Source: (Klein et al. 2019).


Accumulated vertical displacement field between 1999.5 and 2018.6, represented with 2 different color scales to show the full extent of subsidence (right panel) in the Central Valley. The lowercase letters (left panel) indicate areas of significant secular and transient vertical motion (table below), Source (Klein et al. 2019).

Area Cumulative displacement
Cumulative displacement
a. Cascadia Subduction +80 mm + 70 mm Tectonic
b. Mount Lassen -70 mm -60mm Magmatic
c. Sacramento Valley -225 mm -190 mm Tectonic
d. Coastal Ranges +90 mm +25 mm Tectonic
e. Central Valley -1700 mm -1150 mm Groundwater pumping + drought
f.  Sierra Nevada Ranges +160 mm +120 mm Tectonic
g. Long Valley Caldera +90 mm +90 mm Magmatic
h. Transverse Ranges +50 mm +25 mm Tectonic
i.  Eastern California Shear Zone +60 mm +25 mm 1999 Mw7.1 Hector Mine postseismic
j. Southern terminus SAF system -20mm (SE)/ +70 mm -10 mm (SE)/ +60 mm 2010 Mw7.2 El Mayor-Cucapah postseismic
k. Santa Maria Basin -120 mm -140mm Groundwater pumping
l. Ventura Basin -70 mm -45 mm Tectonic/ Groundwater pumping
m. Los Angeles/Santa Ana basin -20mm -35mm Groundwater pumping
n. Southern California -22mm -27mm Tectonic
o. South of Salton Sea -75mm -70mm Salton Sea Geothermal Field
p. North San Francisco Bay Area -45mm -25mm Tectonic/ Groundwater pumping
q. Northern Basin and Range ±30mm ±25mm Tectonic