Epoch 2017.50

Final Epoch 2017.5 coordinates spreadsheet: (xlsx)

Project Report (pdf)

The CSRC, under contract from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has published, on March 1, 2018, a new geodetic datum for California called “CSRS Epoch 2017.50 (NAD83).” The California Spatial Reference System (CSRS) is realized by the geodetic coordinates and uncertainties on the date of 2017.50 (July 2, 2017; GPS week 1956, day 0) of 948 stations (839 active and 109 defunct stations) comprising the California Spatial Reference Network (CSRN) in California and at the borders of Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Baja California.

The CSRS is the official geodetic datum in California, as published by the California Spatial Reference Center (CSRC) according to the Public Resources Code (PRC) Sections 8850-8861. It is rigorously aligned to the current definition of the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) through a set of coordinate transformations from ITRF2014 to NAD83(2011), published by the NOAA/NOS National Geodetic Survey (NGS).

CSRS Epoch 2017.50(NAD83) replaces the previous “CSRS Epoch 2011.00 ITRF2005 NAD83(NSRS2007)” datum that included coordinates for 830 CSRN stations.

Geoid heights from the latest NGS-published model, GEOID12B, have been applied to develop Derived California Orthometric Heights for all of the CSRN stations, in accordance with PRC §§8890-8902.

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Original Published Values (Version 1): (xlsx) (pdf)

Version 5 – Includes 9 more stations (values of original stations unchanged): (xlsx)

Station Quality Assessment (Version 1)

Station Quality Assessment (Version 2 – replaces Version 1)

Comparison with previous Epoch dates

(2007.00, 2009.00, 2011.00)

In February 2018, the CSRC published a new geodetic datum for California called “CSRS Epoch 2017.50 (NAD83)” under a Caltrans contract to SIO/SOPAC. The new epoch-date coordinates will be transmitted with RTCM 3.0 data streams starting March 1, 2018.