Overview: Bock & Moore Video and Slide Deck, (presented at NASA Earthdata Webinar, 9/28/2022)

Overview: Bock Video and Poster, (presented at 2021 SCEC Annual Meeting, 9/13/2021)

Hydrology and Water Storage: Argus Video, 11/15/2021

Groundwater loss in Central Valley. Because snow accumulation in California is insignificant in October, we infer all water change from Oct to Oct to be in the ground.  During the four years of drought, the Sierra Nevada mountains lost an average of 0.66 m of water in the ground, for a total loss of 45 km³.  The Sierra Nevada, Klamath mountains, and Coast Ranges loss an average of 0.51 m of water in the ground, for a total loss of 97 km³, far exceeding the 18 km³ of water lost in a composite hydrology model.

Displacement Grids: Guns Video, 1/8/2022

Vertical Displacement Grids. Grid of accumulating vertical displacements from 2010 to 2020.7520, including the effects of volcanism, subsidence due to groundwater extraction, drought and tectonic motion.

ETS Transients: Liu Video, 1/20/2022

Episodic Tremor and Slip. Example of 2018 ETS event. (Left) Accumulated surface displacements with uncertainties; (right) Transient fault slip derived from time-dependent inversion, overlaid with tremor (red dots). Black arrows: fault slip vectors projected to the surface.

Troposphere Delays and Precipitable Water: Moore Video, 3/23/2022


Seismogeodetic Earthquake Catalog: Golriz Video, 4/28/2022

Project Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) (username: anonymous; password - your e-mail address)

Please use this reference to acknowledge our project:

Bock, Y., A. W. Moore, D. Argus, P. Fang, D. Golriz, K. Guns, S. Jiang, S. Kedar, S. A. Knox, Z. Liu & A. Sullivan (2021), Extended Solid Earth Science ESDR System (ES3): Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document, NASA MEaSUREs project #NNH17ZDA001N, (username: anonymous; password - your e-mail address)


MGViz: Moore Video, 05/16/2022


Our MGViz product viewer is powered by the open source Multi-Mission Geographic Information System (MMGIS)  developed at JPL for viewing Mars mission data (Calef, F. J., Soliman, T. K., Roberts, J. T., Gengl, H., & Dahl, L.).