CSRC Executive Committee - Elected Members (updated August 2023)
Chairperson Humberto A. Gallegos hgallegos@calbaptist.edu
Vice-Chairperson Steven J. Martin SteveJMart@aol.com
Secretary Timothy McKinney Timothy.McKinney@mbakerintl.com
Treasurer Rich Maher rmaher@kdmmeridian.com
Member Adrian Aguirre Mr_adrianag@outlook.com
Member Kevin C. Maxwell kevin.maxwell@dot.ca.gov
Member Taleah Quemada Taleah.Quemada@longbeach.gov
Member Patrick Tami Patrick.Tami@water.ca.gov
Non-Elected Members
Chancellor of UCSD (or designee): Dr. John Orcutt jorcutt@ucsd.edu
Director of IGPP Dr. Peter Shearer pshearer@ucsd.edu
CSRC Director Dr. Yehuda Bock ybock@ucsd.edu
Past Chairperson Kim Holtz Kim.holtz@polb.com
Executive Manager Gregory A. Helmer gregory.helmer@psomas.com
NGS Pacific Southwest Regional Advisor (CA, NV) Dr. Dana J. Caccamise dana.caccamise@noaa.gov
California Geodetic Coordinator Scott P. Martin geodesyguy@outlook.com

CSRC Executive Committee Meeting Minutes