CRTN Stations

News 3/13/2024: Updated Station Excel Worksheet; Removed stations no longer in operation; Added DWR stations Q189, Q204, Q208) and Verquin station GZKA; Removed BARD stations that were moved to new locations - they do not have 2017.5 coordinates yet.

        [Caution: added comment on a subset of (CTSRN) stations that have 2019.55 coordinates rather than Epoch 2017.5 - see column T in spreadsheet]

News (02/22/2023): Updated spreadsheet with station GNSS upgrades, including 12 Caltrans Spatial Reference Network (CTSRN) GNSS stations

(Courtesy of Eric Adney and Bryan Banister)

News (10/21/2021): Updated spreadsheet with 30 GNSS upgrades (GPS+GLONASS) and 7 Caltrans stations.

News (6/29/2020): We've added 89 stations in southern California - 55 in Zone 5 and 24 stations in Zone 6. These data are from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) with the data coming through the UNAVCO NOTA server. Thanks to USGS and UNAVCO for facilitating access to these data.

News (11/28/2019): Added 11 Caltrans CVSRN and CCSRN stations with GNSS availability (courtesy of Eric Adney and Bryan Banister). There are now a total of 606 CRTN stations, with 244 GNSS.

News (9/17/2019): Added upgraded NOTA/PBO real-time stations bringing the total number of CRTN stations to 584, with 193 GNSS stations. This fills the gap in the Los Angeles area (see CRTN maps). We plan to include the 91 USGS SCIGN stations when data become available in RTCM3 format.


In February 2018, the CSRC published a new geodetic datum for California called “CSRS Epoch 2017.50 (NAD83)” under a Caltrans contract to SIO/SOPAC. The new epoch-date coordinates have been embedded in the RTCM 3.0 data streams since March 1, 2018.

June 16: The CSRC 2017.50 map is now accessible via QR code. Use the QR code below. (If needed, instructions are available here.)