CSRC Strategic Plan/Decade 3 published (2021-08-31)


June 16: The CSRC 2017.50 map is now accessible via QR code. Use the QR code below. (If needed, instructions are available here.)

Paper published on early postseismic deformation in Science Advances (2021), Jiang, Bock & Klein

Bock & Wdowinski GNSS review paper: IEEE, 2021, 741-820, doi: 10.1002/9781119458449.ch28.

Update August 30, 2019: July 4,6 2019 Ridgecrest earthquakes

Coseismic offsets (corrected 11/4/2019)

Epoch 2019.55 coordinates for affected stations

SOPAC computed coseismic offsets using the GAMIT/GLOBK software with 30s data from 98 continuous GNSS stations that experienced total displacements greater than 3 mm.

SOPAC computed Ridgecrest EQs' coseismic offsets

Two earthquakes occurred near the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake facility near the town of Ridgecrest and Searles Valley. SOPAC computed coseismic offsets for the two events using the GAMIT/GLOBK software with 30 s data from 109 continuous GNSS stations within a radius of 160 km from the epicentral region.

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